Benefits of Microplate Washer to Detect Ebola Virus

The microplate washer is a laboratory equipment designed to comply with practical methods where various processes are used where substances, nutrients or washing solutions are extended to each well and then removed. In order to achieve greater reliability and accuracy of the results, it is essential to empty the wells and wash them with a solution repeatedly to remove any residue.

In the course for the determination of diseases such as the Ebola virus, the use of Elisa together with the microplate washer are carried out the necessary practices making it essential to depose each of the wells in a number of times. Among the laboratory tests, Elisa is used for diagnosis in a serological way towards the determination of the virus and the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease can expand toย  ย  through infected body fluids as well as direct contact with carrier remains or contaminated animals.

That said, with the use of the equipment that Kalstein has for you, it will allow each of the research and development processes to produce reliable results, thanks to the technology with which the microplate washer operates and its multiple functions and features, such as uniformity throughout the washing process and heads for 96 wells.

Benefits of Microplate Washer

By using the microplate washer together with the Elisa reader, the evaluation depends on two factors: epidemiological risk and presence of fever. Therefore, assays should be studied to measure the risks of infection control and with the Elisa technique the sample is placed in a polyethylene plastic device to mix with certain antibodies that will stimulate and create a color change that will show the presence of the virus.

Therefore, the microplate washer plays an important role for these determinations, since in immunological practices the reagent is adhered to the surface of the plate and it must be washed before any process, in order to avoid the formation of colors where the antigen was absent. All washing operations can be performed manually or automatically.

With the Kalstein brand microplate washer, the practices are carried out by individual suction of the liquid from each well with pipettes linked to a vacuum system throughout the column of the wells at once

Microplate Washing Machine

The automated processes by means of the equipment, the reagents are added automatically, as well as the liquid from the wells are deposed and dilute the samples in series. It operates in a similar manner to manual processes. Generally, the microplates are in a horizontal position and a series of needle-shaped devices, in which the washing medium of each well is added at the top of the plate, followed by a rapid extraction of the washing substances for each set of suction waters, using a vacuum suction mechanism.

Extraction pipettes should also remove as much substance as possible to ensure effective flushing and reduce the residual amount of reagents in the wells. For this, it requires precise and sophisticated technology and Kalstein has the ideal equipment, which provides security through liquid sensor methods used for washing processes. The exclusion of substances is of great importance especially when working with very small amounts of liquids. The methods of washing equipment that require the use of needles, provides the decrease in maintenance of the same, preventing residual contamination between washes, eliminating any obstacle in the needles, maximizing the speed of the processes and allowing to reduce the operations of microplate washes in a conventional way.

Microplate Washer (Elisa) Brand Kalstein

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