Ice Maker

Ice makers are machines that make ice from moving water, as opposed to the traditional method of making ice, where the water is frozen. They are very useful equipment in the health and research sector, so it is essential to carry out proper maintenance and follow a series of steps to care for them.

Many users of these ice-making machines trust and completely neglect the basic maintenance of this equipment, this results in partial or total damage to the equipment, thus affecting the production of ice, and generating unnecessary expenses.

Types of Ice Maker that a Lab may need

High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory YR05134 // YR05136

Fully automatic running with ice full display, water shortage display, in operation display and malfunction warning...


High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory  YR05130 // YR05131

High grade stainless steel SUS304 is used which is anti-corrosive and durable. The compact structure is simple...


High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory YR05143 // YR05144

The flakes are produced by machines that can be installed anywhere. The mechanism is simple. Costs are low. The...


High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory YR05140 // YR05141

The cabinet is filled with fluorine-free thermal foam with good insulation effect. The inner lining is food grade plastic...


Our Best Selling Ice Maker

  • High grade stainless steel is used which are anti-corrosive and durable. The compact structure is simple and space-saving.
  • The cabinet are filled with fluoride-free foam thermal cover featuring good insulation effect. The inner liner is food grade plastic. They are both energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  • World famous brand CFC free R134a compressors are used. Major parts and components have passed relevant safety certifications. The product has stable quality and long service life.
  • The ice-making process is fully computer controlled, using imported computer chips to make control reliable and operation easily.
  • The advanced technologies and imported accessories makes noise low, operation smooth and reliable.The ventilation holes and fans are deployed to ensure that motor of reducer can work reliably with high ambient temperature.

Analysis of the best Ice Makers for your Laboratory

Uses in a laboratory of the โ€œIce Makerโ€

An ice maker is a machine for making ice. This machine produces the ice from moving water, the difference from...


Using the Ice Maker to Transport Medicine

Appropriate handling of drugs, especially the cold chain, should be ensured and documented according ...


Advantages of Ice Maker for Shops

The ice maker is equipment that can be found in bars, restaurants, hotels, fruit shops and in fish shops to produce...


Ice makers: How does it work?

An ice maker or ice maker is a machine that makes ice from moving water, unlike the traditional method of making ice, where water is frozen...


Ice Makers Model Catalog on Sale


Guides for you to become an Ice Maker expert

Ice Maker equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so you can work as an expert.

Why is a flake ice maker important in a lab?

The importance of this type of ice is in its wide variety of uses due to its practicality and versatility, it is a dry ice and ...

Ice makers: Recommendations and care

Ice makers are machines that make ice from moving water, as opposed to the traditional method of making ice, where the...

ICE Maker: different types for hospitals and laboratories

This ice-making machine, its process is based on making ice cubes from moving water, which consequently removes air...

Technical Recommendations for the Maintenance of an Ice Maker

The ice maker is a critical team in health centers and laboratories worldwide. It turns out to be a great ally for healthcare use. Hospitals, laboratories, and research centers generally must have ice-making equipment to preserve samples that must be kept...

Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Makers

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