Determination of moisture content for the manufacture of medicinal products

The analysis of the quantities of water in the substances, to determine the moisture levels are necessary tests for registration and quality control test in the manufacture of the products. And moisture analyzers are the ideal laboratory equipment for such purposes, as they demonstrate precision and stability through drying mechanisms, providing answers to manufacturers.

Thanks to its use, this equipment measures the moisture in chemical and mineral raw materials, by means of rapid determinant analyzes, and of other components providing an adequate result by allowing several measures to certify the quality of the product for life.

For the pharmaceutical sector, the moisture analyzers offered by Kalstein, become the best ally, because it provides the best drying processes using ideal halogen heating mechanisms, as the best feasible alternative to determine the amounts of water in the manufacture of medicines.

Measures to determine moisture in pharmaceuticals

The best way to measure moisture levels in the manufacture of medicines is by halogen drying transmitted by laboratory analyzers. It is a process that requires time and manpower. Therefore, these equipments are the most recommended alternative because they comply with all standards and provide effective, accurate and reliable measurements. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, it is the heart of the analyser for making fast studies in time fractions.

The determination of the amount of water or moisture is a valuable quality test in the pharmaceutical sector, from the testing of raw materials, the control in the processes of tablets and capsules, to the quality controls in finished medicines. Also, the study of moisture is also one of the critical quality measures in the drug safety test.

The Moisture Analyser for Quality Control

The quality and efficacy decisions of the products are focused on the moisture content, and its controlled impact in a significant way on energy consumption, and on the final result of the specific product that include the characteristics such as density, packaging, product life, and in the case of tablets or formation processes to verify the behavior of the same under compaction and shape.

To do this, the analysers provide a number of benefits such as:

  • Constant temperature at which all water in the samples is removed.
  • Provides precise parameters, allowing you to specify the drying time.
  • Weight loss per unit time of about 1mg in 30 seconds.
  • Final weight.

All of this allows you to create weight units, converting grams into units of desired measure to know the final result.

Recommendations for Use

To proceed with the use of the moisture analyser, it is advisable to comply with important parameters, and maintain a correct calibration for obtaining final products, such as: the equipment must be located on a flat surface without unevenness and to repair the alterations it adjusts the inclination of the equipment by turning to the right or left to move the level indicator bubble located in the back cover of the equipment.

Also, it should be plugged into 110vlts power outlets for added security. Also, the lid of the equipment is lifted to verify that it is in perfect condition and clean. The analyser is then switched on to start the corresponding drying process. Finally, after complying with the management protocols, it is proceeded to remove all surplus samples with the help of a soft sponge so as not to mistreat the equipment. It should be noted that the user must verify that the equipment is turned off and at normal temperature to proceed with the cleaning.

Kalstein brand Moisture Analyzers

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