Effective and Efficient Cleaning: An In-Depth Analysis of Kalstein’s Multifrequency Ultrasonic Desktop Cleaners.

The multitude of challenges faced by laboratories requires efficient equipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results obtained. In this area, the Kalstein series ultrasonic cleaners are fundamental allies, thanks to their excellent features and technical specifications, which allow to keep the instruments and accessories of the laboratory in perfect condition.

Dimensions of the multi-frequency desktop ultrasonic cleaner

The size of each model of multi-frequency desktop ultrasonic cleaner varies, providing multiple options depending on the specific needs of each laboratory. For example, the YR05202 model has internal dimensions of 300*240*150 mm, while for the YR05203 model, these figures rise to 330*300*150 mm. The largest model in this series is the YR05206, with internal dimensions of 500*300*200 mm, providing adequate working space for a variety of instruments and parts. https://www.kalstein.it/products/series-medical-ultrasonic-cleaner-yr05202-yr05206/

Volume and Weight of Multi-frequency Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner

With regard to volume and weight, there are also differences between models. The YR05202 model offers an internal volume of 11 liters and has a gross weight of 10 kg. Whereas, the YR05206 provides a larger volume of up to 30 liters, while maintaining a reasonable gross weight of 17 kg. This ample internal volume allows the cleaning of a larger number of tools at a time, optimizing work time.

Improvements for Easy and Safe Handling

Each model of Kalstein ultrasonic cleaners has useful features that make it easier to operate, improving user efficiency. One particularly notable feature is the drain valve. Present on most models, this valve facilitates the removal of used cleaning fluids and ensures easier cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

In addition, these devices are equipped with an integrated heating system, with power ratings ranging from 300W to 500W, and an adjustable temperature range of 1-80ยฐC. This heating function aids in cleaning processes that require higher temperatures for greater efficiency.

Versatility and Customization

The Kalstein model YR05207 is a small and versatile desktop ultrasonic cleaner, with a very compact package size and a tank capacity of 1.3L. With an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz and time regulation capability ranging from 10 to 600 seconds, this model is especially suitable for cleaning small or delicate parts. https://www.kalstein.it/products/ultrasonic-washing-machine-portable-yr05207/

Finally, this series of cleaners offers customization through different time and temperature settings, allowing the cleaning process to be adapted to the specific needs of each user.

Heated Ultrasonic Cleaners – A New Efficient Option

The YR05234 to YR05243 series of heated ultrasonic cleaners offers an efficient alternative to traditional cleaning processes. These models, equipped with a heating power of 100W to 200W, an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz and an adjustable temperature range of 30 to 80ยฐC, enable thorough and thorough cleaning of instruments and equipment in the laboratory. https://www.kalstein.it/products/desktop-mechanical-heated-ultrasonic-cleaner-yr05234-yr05243/

To summarize, Kalstein’s range of multi-frequency desktop ultrasonic cleaners confer superior cleaning performance and high efficiency, making them highly recommended for any laboratory looking to improve its cleaning processes.