How are Anaesthetic Machine used?

The anesthesia machine is a medical team composed of mechanical, pneumatic and electronic elements, whose main objective is to administer safely and by lung, with spontaneous or mechanical ventilation, gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, air and anesthetic vapors that allow to perform a proper anesthesia, monitoring also all its functions and those required in the patient.

These machines supply an exact amount of anesthetic gas to a patient during a surgical process, providing safely, adequately, programmed and continuously or intermittently the administration of oxygen, medicinal gases and anesthetic agents; allowing spontaneous or controlled ventilation of the patient. These equipment include vaporizers, fans, breathing system, monitors and scanning systems.

Using the anesthesia machine in the operating room

An anesthetic machine is used as an essential part of any operating room. This equipment makes easier medical procedures that are impossible without anesthesia, since it has a very important effect on the surgical process, and creates appropriate and safe conditions for the work of surgeons.

Modern anesthesia machines allow you to control a number of vital functions, such as: heart rate, airway pressure, oxygen concentration and flow, and automatic ventilation of the patient’s lungs.

Composition and maintenance of anesthesia machines

An anesthesia machine is composed, on the one hand, of a ventilator designed with a circular circuit for the use of gases exhaled by the patient and, on the other hand, of a set of hemodynamic and respiratory monitoring for the control of the patient under anesthesia in the operating room. This machine is usually mounted on wheels to allow repositioning in the operating room as needed.

Like all medical devices, an anesthesia machine works best when properly maintained and subjected to repair processes. The importance of calibrating these equipment to avoid accidents caused by inadequate gas mixtures should be stressed, and the device should also be kept clean to reduce risks of pathogen transmission between patients. Anesthesiologists should regularly check all equipment before a surgical procedure begins.

Functions of an anesthetic machine

The anesthesia machines are also manufactured to minimize the release of gases in the operating room for operator and patient safety, and include a waste capture system to remove exhaled gases. These equipment are medical equipment that allows administering anesthetic gases taking advantage of the lung absorption of these gases. Among its functions we can mention:

  • Administer anesthesia.
  • Control your depth.
  • Handle the patient’s breathing completely.
  • Monitor respiratory variables.
  • Monitor your own performance.

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The anesthesia machine can be upgraded to better meet customers’ anesthetic requirements. The expansion of the modern anesthesia workstation is also feasible to greatly improve workflow and reduce operating costs. YR anesthesia machines can be used to administer and administer inhalation anesthesia in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Among its main features we can mention:

  • The anesthesia machine offers electronic PEEP function.
  • It has automatic current volume compensation, except Anaeston 3000C.
  • It provides a high precision output of only 20 ml.
  • The anesthesia machine uses latex-free, autoclavable components.
  • It can be easily maintained and cleaned without specialized tools.
  • It is CE certified, giving users peace of mind.

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