Innovation in Laboratory Technology: Kalstein Stirrer Incubators

Laboratory incubators are essential equipment in the world of research and clinical testing, requiring precise control of the environment in terms of temperature, humidity and light to achieve optimal conditions for bacterial and cell culture growth and development. In this article we will discuss in detail the technical features of Kalstein’s innovative Laboratory Shaker Incubator models, the YR05759 and YR05760.

General Features of Stirrer Incubators

Innovation is at the heart of any laboratory, which is why Kalstein’s shaker incubators are an invaluable resource, presenting a perfect combination of efficiency, precision and ease of use. The shaker incubators, models YR05759, YR05759-1, YR05760 and YR05760-1, have a rotation range from 20 to 300rpm and a frequency accuracy of ยฑ1rpm, which guarantees precision in every process. In addition, a remarkable feature is the type of motor they have, a brushless motor, which reduces maintenance needs and increases the durability of the equipment.

These models have an LCD display, which facilitates the visualization and control of the processes. The agitation method is rotary, which allows a homogeneous and constant rotation of the samples. The capacity of the equipment varies depending on the model, with maximum volume ranging from 500ml*9 to 1000ml*18 and standard configurations such as 500mlX3, 250mlX3, 100mlX4 among others.

Temperature and Time Control

Kalstein shaker incubators offer high control of temperature and time. They have a temperature control range of RT+5 to 60โ„ƒ, with a temperature resolution of ยฑ0.1โ„ƒ and a temperature uniformity of ยฑ1โ„ƒ. This degree-by-degree control enables perfect thermal stability, which is necessary in a large number of laboratory experiments.

As for the timer, these models offer a wide range from 0 to 99 hours. This precise timing system allows to program the duration of the procedures, facilitating the organization of the work in the laboratory and ensuring consistency in the results.

Equipment Capacity

The YR05759 and YR05759-1 models have a single stirring plate, while the YR05760-1 model has two plates. This feature translates into greater capacity to process different samples at the same time, resulting in higher efficiency and adaptability to the needs of each laboratory.

These models offer a standard configuration that includes bottles of different capacities, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml, which allow the equipment to be adapted to the amount of sample required in each experiment.

The evolution of Kalstein technology

Laboratory technology continues to evolve, and Kalstein’s shaker incubators are a clear example of this evolution. With their unmatched accuracy, adequate capacity and precise controls, these models offer laboratories a reliable, high-quality option for their incubation needs. Designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, Kalstein’s YR05759, YR05759-1, YR05760 and YR05760-1 are a valuable investment for any laboratory.