Kalstein’s superior freeze-drying solutions

In the ever-evolving world of food and medical technology, reliable and advanced equipment is essential to keep pace. This is where Kalstein’s freeze dryer models come into play. The freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biological research, chemical industry and food production, etc.ย 

After the freeze-drying process, the long-term preservation of products is much easier. They can be restored to their original state and keep their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. Vacuum freeze-drying technology, also called sublimation drying, is a technical method that freezes samples in advance and then sublimates their moisture in a vacuum state. .

Technical characteristics of Kalstein freeze dryer modelsย 

Freeze dryer freeze dryer for fruits and vegetables YR05985; Maintaining the integrity of your products. The main function of this freeze dryer is the defrosting function. With a single button, you can move between drying temperatures from -25ยฐC to +60ยฐC, allowing effective handling of a wide range of samples, from fruits to vegetables. https://www.kalstein.it/products/freeze-dryer-lyophilizer-for-fruits-and-vegetables-yr05985/

Top press laboratory freeze dryer with benchtop collector YR05189: Compact and efficient; this is a simple but effective freeze dryer model, ideal for laboratories with limited space. With a condenser capacity of 3-4L/24h and a condenser temperature of -55โ„ƒ, this model can easily handle any small to medium sized freeze drying task with a cold temperature range down to -80 โ„ƒ optional. https://www.kalstein.it/products/t-type-benchtop-lab-freeze-dryer-yr05189-1/

YR05190 Upright Normal Lab Freeze Dryer: Larger capacity with the same efficiency; YR05190 stands out with a larger freeze drying capacity of 0.12ใŽก. With a ะค200mm material tray, 4 layers and 1.2L bulk capacity, this model is perfect for larger freeze drying projects without sacrificing efficiency and throughput. https://www.kalstein.it/products/vertical-normal-lab-freeze-dryer-yr05190/ It features an impressive vial capacity, ranging from 920 pieces for ฮฆ12mm vials, 480 pieces for ฮฆ16mm vials, to 260 pieces for ฮฆ22mm vials.

Laboratory Freezer Type T YR05197-1: Maximum Functionality in a compact design; The YR05197-1 stands out for its large capacity to handle up to 24 vials simultaneously. With a freezing temperature of โ‰ค-60โ„ƒ and an option of up to โ‰ค-80โ„ƒ, this model is ideal for the most demanding freezing tasks. Its collected ice capacity is 6kg/24h, perfect for freeze-drying tasks over extended periods. https://www.kalstein.it/products/t-type-lab-freeze-dryer-yr05197-1/

Applications according to Kalstein freeze dryer capacities

Kalstein freeze dryers are not only excellent for preserving foods such as fruits and vegetables, but are also ideal for laboratory applications, being able to work in a wide range of temperatures and with various types and sizes of vials.

Whether for freeze-drying food samples or keeping medical samples in optimal condition, Kalstein freeze dryers are the reliable and efficient solution your lab needs.