Laboratory Ultrafreezers: Kalstein Models for Equally Safe and Efficient Storage

Laboratory Ultrafreezers play a crucial role in the preservation of sensitive and crucial samples for medical research and diagnostics. In this article, we will specifically discuss Kalstein model laboratory freezers, which are distinguished by their energy efficiency and advanced features.

Model YR05106

Kalstein’s YR05106 Laboratory Ultrafreezer features a robust construction created with stainless steel, a material that ensures durability and easy cleaning. This model incorporates a direct refrigeration unit and operates with a mixed refrigerant gas. With a temperature range of -40 ~ -86 °C, this freezer is suitable for storing various samples at extremely low temperatures.

The YR05106 is significantly efficient in terms of energy consumption, using only 5.6 kWh in 24 hours. This reduces operating costs and minimizes ecological impact. Equipped with a PTC sensor and a microprocessor temperature controller, this model ensures accurate and consistent temperature monitoring. It also features a digital display, providing a clear and easy reading of the temperature inside the freezer.

Model YR05107

Kalstein’s YR05107 model, on the other hand, offers increased storage space with two stainless steel shelves. Like the YR05106, this model incorporates direct refrigeration and uses a mixed refrigerant gas. It has an identical temperature range of -40 ~ -86°C, allowing it to store a wide range of samples at very low temperatures.

With a power consumption of 8.2 kWh / 24h, the YR05107 offers admirable energy efficiency. The monitor of this model is also digital, and its microprocessor temperature controller provides precision and stability in temperature monitoring. The noise generated by this freezer is 52 decibels, a tolerable noise level in laboratory environments.

Model YR05110

The Kalstein model YR05110 is a larger freezer that offers three shelves and a high capacity of 728 liters. It retains the basic features of previous models, including direct refrigeration, microprocessor temperature controller and a digital display for easy and accurate monitoring.

The YR05110 has a considerable energy consumption of 20 kWh / 24h, although quite reasonable given its large capacity. This model employs two SECOP brand compressors, so you can be confident in its ability to provide consistent and effective cooling performance.

Model YR05111

Kalstein’s YR05111 Ultra Freezer features an even larger capacity of 838 liters. Like the YR05110, this model has three shelves, providing a large amount of storage space for all types of samples. Its technical features follow the standards of previous models, with an operating temperature of -40 ~ -86°C, direct cooling and a microprocessor temperature controller.

The energy consumption of the YR05111 is 18.8 kWh / 24h, slightly lower than that of the YR05110, making it a more efficient option for those who need a large storage capacity. In summary, Kalstein Laboratory Ultrafreezers ensure safe and efficient storage, with specificities according to the different needs of each laboratory.