Laminar Flow Bells, Why are they used?

A laminar flow bell is a laboratory instrument that is used to obtain a free environment of contamination, to the general a sterile and secure area within the laboratory, being able to carry out any activity that is required safely. This equipment provides decontaminated air in the work area, ie provides a space with a specific air treatment, which provides an area with strict non-road particle control.

A laminar flow bell provides a wide work area, with side glass walls, illuminated by means of a fluorescent lamp, and also has a UV lamp, which allows to sterilize the pre-use area to be sterilized. There are two models of laminar flow bells: vertical and horizontal, and from this, the location of the filter is determined, which may be located at the top or rear of the work area. The velocity of the fan is regulated by means of a C controller in order to reach the speed and pressure necessary so that the flow of air in the work area is laminar.

When is a Laminar Flow Bell used?

Laminar flow bells use HEPA filters that capture particles crawled by air flow. These filters reach an efficiency of 99.97% for particles greater than or equal 0.3 micrometers. Its basic function is to specifically protect the sample and not the user, so it is advisable not to use them when working with pathogenic agents or volatile chemicals or toxic.

A laminar flow bell is used when working with samples or products requiring protection. In this way, cross-contamination, phenomenon that can cause losses of samples or products, and as a consequence to have financial losses and time. It is not recommended to use a laminar flow bell when handling samples of pathogens such as is the case of SARS-COV-2, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, among others, for them, biosafety booths should be used.

Importance of the use of laminar flow bells

Laminar flow bells are very important equipment in the laboratory, as they are necessary in the research, clinical, microbiological and drug production laboratories. By using these equipment we obtain a clean environment of particles, and safe for the product, the environment, and operators. So having an appropriate bell of Laminar Flow is an indispensable requirement.

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