Revolutionizing the Laboratory: Kalstein Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Advances in technology and science have led to the development of highly specialized laboratory equipment that facilitates research and experimentation. Laboratory homogenizers are an example of such equipment. 

These machines are vital in many fields of research and development, such as biotechnology, food production, pharmaceuticals, among others. The models in the Kalstein category present a sophisticated set of technical specifications and features that guarantee their efficiency and reliability.

YR05829-YR05831 Automatic and Manual Homogenizers

YR05829-YR05831 Homogenizers are high-performance, technologically advanced equipment. They operate both automatically and manually, providing the user with flexibility in their use. They feature a 3.5-inch high-definition touch screen, which enhances user interaction with the equipment.

In terms of handling capacity, volumes range from 0.1 to 300 ml, and ultrasonic powers range from 5 to 400W. This variability makes these models ideal for different applications and sample volumes. In addition, they economically appeal to a wide spectrum of potential users by having a high range of alternatives.

YR05015-YR05020 Homogenizers: flexibility in handling and operating times

These homogenizers are characterized by their wide power range from 1.5W to 1,800W. Correspondingly, their mixing capacity ranges from 0.1 ml to 1,200 ml, allowing for efficiency and effectiveness at different sample volumes.

In addition, they have the ability to adjust the ultrasonic setting time from 0.1 – 99.9s and additionally, the total time can be adjusted up to 99 hrs 59 min 59s, which gives more freedom to the user and allows complex operations that require extended times.

Innovation and versatility with YR05837-YR05839 Homogenizers

With LCD touch screens and timers ranging from 1s to 99h, these homogenizers offer digital handling options and pulse or continuous modes. Their processing capacity ranges from 50ml to up to 3000ml, and the working frequency is automatically compensated from 19 – 25 KHz. 

In addition to the wide range of ultrasonic power, these models come with different standard probes. These variants allow the user to flexibilize the homogenization process to the exact need of their work, thus improving efficiency and results.

YR05832-YR05836 Homogenizers for high processing capacity

These homogenizer models with power range up to 1800W are ideal for high-capacity processing, ranging from 0.2 ml to 1200 ml. 

The instruments feature optional variable amplitude levers, which allow the user to adjust the homogenization intensity depending on the task at hand. In addition, they come with 220/110 V power supply, accommodating the needs of your workspace.

In summary, Kalstein offers a wide selection of ultrasonic homogenizers, with technical specifications to suit the needs of each laboratory. Regardless of sample quantity, frequency of use or complexity of work, there will be a model to suit your requirements.