Technical and descriptive specifications of horizontal laminar flow cabinets

Excellence in experimentation and scientific research is not only achieved with the sharpest of minds, but also with high quality equipment that meets cleanliness and safety standards. The Model YR05730, YR05726, YR05724, and YR05267 Laminar Flow Cabinets, from the well-known Kalstein brand, are excellent examples of such equipment. The technical specifications and superior performance of these machines make them ideal for use in scientific and medical environments.

Whether you are looking for a one-person or two-person laminar flow cabinet, Kalstein’s YR05730, YR05726, YR05724 and YR05267 are high-quality, high-performance options. With their excellent level of cleanliness and impressive technical performance, they meet all expectations and demands in the world of scientific and medical research and experimentation.

YR05730 and YR05726 Specifications

These models of Laminar Flow Cabinets are known for their high level of cleanliness, classified as Class 100@≥0.5μM (according to US Federal 209E standards). This rating ensures that the sterile environment necessary for your experimentation is not compromised. Both models also boast an impressive colony count ≤0.5 pieces/plate-hour, essential for maintaining the integrity of experimentation and research.

In terms of performance, both models feature an average wind speed of 0.25~0.45 m/s, ideal for maintaining a suitable environment without disturbing delicate samples or bacterial colonies. This is complemented by a fairly modest noise of ≤62dB (A) that minimizes distractions.

Both models also maintain an average peak vibration of ≤5 μM (in all X, Y, Z directions), vital to prevent disturbance in experiments or investigations. Illuminance reaches a level of ≥300Lx, providing sufficient light for the precision required in laboratory work. Both models operate on a single-phase 220V/50Hz AC power supply, but the YR05730 uses a maximum power of 490W while the YR05726 uses 100W.

Technical features of Model YR05724

Following the tradition of its counterpart, the YR05724 model also has a Class 100@≥0.5μM cleanliness level. We can find the same superior performance, such as its variable average wind speed of 0.25~0.45 m/s (fast and slow), and a noise that does not exceed ≤62dB (A).

This model maintains, like the previous models, an average peak vibration ≤5 μM and an illuminance of ≥300Lx. This model operates on single-phase AC 220V/50Hz, like the previous ones. 

Two Person Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05267

This model is unique in offering space for two people. It provides a wind speed of 0.25 ~ 0.45 m/s, while maintaining a noise level of ≤62dB, which is conducive to a quiet working environment. It operates with a voltage of 220V and a power of 0.5 kilowatts. 

In addition, the interior size (500×1250×430 mm), roll size (1610×1450×580 mm) and packaging size (1200×1530×660 mm), along with its net weight of 120 kg and shipping weight of 127 kg, make this model an excellent choice for laboratories where a sterile environment is needed for more than one person at a time.