Technical Specifications and Features of Kalstein Laboratory Upright Freezers

For any laboratory, freezing equipment represents an indispensable tool: it is vital to maintain certain materials and samples at constant and accurate temperatures to ensure the integrity of tests and experiments. Kalstein’s line of Laboratory Upright Freezers, which includes the YR05295, YR05293, YR05300 and YR05307 models, perfectly meets these requirements, fusing reliability, energy efficiency and technical sophistication.

YR05295, A Large Capacity Professional Freezer

Kalstein’s YR05295 model stands out for its large capacity, offering 936 liters for the preservation of samples and biological reagents at temperature ranges from -10 โ„ƒ to -25 โ„ƒ. The optimum ambient temperature for operation is +10 to +32 โ„ƒ. Equipped with a microprocessor controller and a digital display, it allows constant and accurate monitoring. This model uses two SECOP brand compressors and R404A refrigerant.

The refrigeration system is of the direct type, managed by manual defrost technology. This favors greater efficiency in the preservation of its contents, preventing overheating and maintaining a stable temperature, even in intense work situations.

YR05293, Efficiency and Versatility

With a small size, but with a capacity of 268 liters, the YR05293 offers an interesting balance between capacity and space occupied. Like the YR05295, this laboratory freezer offers a temperature range of -10 โ„ƒ to -25 โ„ƒ, at optimum ambient temperature of +10 to +32 โ„ƒ. The microprocessor controller and a digital display are still present, ensuring accurate measurement.

The main difference lies in the cooling system. This model uses a single CUBIGEL compressor and R290 refrigerant. Like the previous model, it offers direct cooling and manual defrost.

YR05300 and YR05307, Specialized for Ultra Low Temperature

Both models are designed for sample preservation at extremely low temperatures. The YR05300 has a capacity of 588 liters and the ability to cool down to -86โ„ƒ, maintaining consistent performance in environments from 10 to 32โ„ƒ. This model uses two SECOP brand compressors and HC refrigerant.

On the other hand, the YR05307 offers a moderate capacity of 328 liters, but can reach temperatures between -30โ„ƒ and -40โ„ƒ. It uses a CUBIGEL brand compressor and R290 refrigerant.

Both models feature a manual defrosting system and direct refrigeration. Its sensor allows constant reading of the internal temperature, which is displayed on an LCD (YR05300) or digital (YR05307) screen.

Meeting the Demands of Modern Laboratories

These four models of Kalstein laboratory freezers offer a combination of distinctive features, adapting to the professional needs of modern laboratories. They meet the demand for preserving samples at constant and extremely low temperatures while maximizing performance and energy efficiency.ย 

All these models use a microprocessor temperature controller for accurate readings, as well as an LCD or digital display for easy monitoring. In addition, maintenance is simplified by manual defrosting and their robust construction ensures a long service life.