The Use of Wheelchairs for Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a set of professional measures applied for the restitution and improvement of a patient who has lost his abilities, be they mental, physical and cognitive, and are caused by some injury, illness or as a side effect of a medical treatment. Rehabilitation helps people improve their daily life and function better.

Patients in need of rehabilitation include those who have had injury due to trauma, stroke, birth defects or congenital disorders, serious infections, and developmental disorders, among others. The goal of this measure is to make the patient regain his independence, however, the type of rehabilitation is different for each person, since it depends on what is their problem or whether their disability is continuous or temporary.

Rehabilitation progress may be slow or rapid, depending on the patient, their muscle strength, or their motivation. The initial objective is to recover the mobility of the same, so that you can perform the daily activities such as, bathing, dressing, feeding, cooking and cleaning, among others. It should be noted that therapeutic and supportive devices such as walkers, crutches and wheelchairs are needed to help the patient bear weight or maintain balance and also to have psychological and physical well-being.

Wheelchairs for rehabilitation

The wheelchair is a device that grants mobility to patients who cannot walk. Depending on the model, some are designed to be pushed by an assistant or to be self-propelled. Each comes available with different features, wheelchairs that are driven with only one hand can be a good choice for hemiplegic patients, moreover, if a patient does not have any function in the arms, the best would be an electric wheelchair.

The main purpose of wheelchairs is to help people with disabilities and to give them the ease to move around. This instrument also helps and supports patients in rehabilitation, as it makes them more independent in their daily life and allows them to perform activities, educational, recreational, work or tasks that give some meaning to their life.

Anyone may need rehabilitation either as a result of an injury or illness. With the help of activities such as exercises, to improve speech and communication, positioning techniques, psychological help, and teaching them to use support tools such as the cane, crutches, or wheelchairs, they will make the patient feel autonomous and integrated into society.


There are different types of illnesses or conditions that can cause a person to be limited in their ability to do activities normally, such as standing or walking. For this type of disability, devices have been invented to help people move and become more independent, such as a wheelchair. The wheelchair is a device that is designed to help people with disabilities, neurological diseases or disabilities move in a comfortable and safe way.

A wheelchair basically consists of a seat with specialized wheels so that a person can roll them and steer them, either an electric or conventional wheelchair. This allows the patient to move and thus carry out most of their daily activities in a normal way, in such a way that they become a great support and improves the quality of life of both patients and their family members.

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