Use of Moisture Analyzers for Coffee Production

The drying processes for coffee production are the most used because it allows the conservation of grains, ensuring the elimination of all water contents in the seeds, favoring precision to reduce the growth of fungi and bacteria, and allow storage for long time, preserving the physical quality and conservation of the particular odor.

The moisture analyzers are the ideal equipment to perform all drying processes of any material and in this case, occurs when the water vapor pressure of the coffee bean is higher than the pressure of the water vapor surrounding it and the processes of product rehumidification are met.

Therefore, calculating and monitoring moisture in coffee production are key components to ensure product quality, improve efficiency and conservation.

Determination of Coffee with the Use of Analysers

By using the humidity analyzers and their infrared function, it facilitates the values that automate the temperature of the equipment to maintain the moisture limit in the product. And with the efficient control of these processes, the consistency of the desired product and the optimization of its final practices are obtained.

The moisture analyzers produce the drying of the leaves and coffee beans, using the infrared dryer to reach their usual moisture. This process is done by means of the glass tubes containing the hot equipment on the inside, and during drying two simultaneous phenomena occur, and are:

  • Heat transmissions from air to grains to provide energy required to evaporate water
  • The mass transfer of coffee beans.

Through the drying process, it is intended to reduce the moisture of the coffee by about 9 or 10% after cooling, it can be stored in safe environmental conditions, away from bacterial processes. Also, indirect methods are applied, based on certain characteristics of the different materials that affect their content, such as electrical resistance, relative humidity and microwave resonance.

Kalstein brand Moisture Analyzers

It’s important to have food-friendly equipment and our Moisture Analyzers meet all of this. These equipment offer infrared drying methods for the analysis and determination of samples made in specialized laboratories.

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of such equipment, belong to the YR series, and have attractive features, such as a temperature and time adjustment. The percentage level of moisture content is displayed via a touch screen with temperature-regulating controls.

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