What are the Applications for High Speed Centrifuge and Low Speed Centrifuges?

Generally, centrifuges are equipment that form rotating movements, managing to separate elements in the samples for study separately, either by decanting or sedimentation. These equipment are used in laboratories, becoming fundamental devices, adapted to the different procedures in the working environment.

Currently, there are teams that meet specific purposes, depending on the industry or sector. Its most common functions are developed in clinical laboratories, as part of the process of separating deposits of liquid or solid samples. They have characteristics adjusted to the procedures that are carried out, which, they play in this section, because they are units, that handle through the insertion of tubes in the rotor, and when it starts, it works at rotation speeds, either low or high, separating the solid particles from the liquids, and leave the samples in the corresponding tubes, and such detachment will occur according to the density of the element.

Centrifugal Speed Functions

Generally, low speed centrifuges do not exceed 4000 rpm in rotational speed and have a maximum capacity of 2-4l. They are usually handled in laboratories, for primary separation and extraction of large amounts of biological macromolecules and sediments. They have mechanisms made with aluminum fusion, flat type and angle type. Centrifugal tubes are made of hard glass, hard polyethylene plastic and stainless steel tubes. The centrifuge is equipped with a drive motor, a timer, a regulator (speed indicator).ย This type of centrifuge is mainly used to collect microorganisms, cellular debris, cells, large organelles, sulfuric acid precipitates and immunoprecipitation.

On the other hand, the speed of the high speed centrifuge can work at more than 20,000 rpm. In addition, the performance and structure, its mechanisms made of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy, and centrifuge tube, is made of hard polyethylene plastic with a cover. These are used, for scientific and technological research, food safety, medicine and health, blood stations, hospitals, etc., to separate particles of different densities, platelet separation and radioimmune experiments.

Applications and Uses

In the laboratory area, equipment is essential, as it favors the separation processes of macromolecules. The precipitation performed by these equipment allows separating blood plasma and serum in clinical analyzes. In addition, they are used for the registration of efficacy in food and chemical companies.

  • In the hospital and laboratory sectors, their functions vary, but are related to the study of blood, separation of plasma, sedimentation from a liquid or solid, in order to deduce their resulting properties.ย 
  • In chemical and nuclear power plants, equipment is placed for the study of molecular research, chemical and physical processes also require the presence of centrifuges in their laboratories
  • In the purification of beverages, in this case, it controls and separates the level of pulp and, therefore, also the pH that the final product would have.
  • In the dairy sector, the team is responsible for quality control, since they allow quantifying the degree of fat or cream present in the milk.

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