What is a BOD incubator?

A BOD (Biodemand Oxygen) incubator is a laboratory incubator used with the objective of maintaining the appropriate temperature for the growth of cell cultures, storage of bacterial cultures and the types of incubation where a high degree of temperature precision is needed.

This incubator is designed for laboratories that need to control the incubation temperature, control the quality of the water in relation to oxygen, contamination levels and improve biology studies in insects, among others. They are commonly used in different industries in order to create an insulated chamber with a temperature of 20 ยฐ C. Some industries need to test products at a certain temperature where the biochemical oxygen demand can be met. Germination studies, bacteria culture and insect study use this machine to make accurate observations.

These equipments provide the precise conditions and temperature uniformity throughout its interior. They are very useful instruments in a large amount of experimental work focused on cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology.

What is BOD technology?

These incubators are called biochemical oxygen demand or biological oxygen demand. In this, the cells consume oxygen and, therefore, there is a marked depletion of oxygen. In this process, oxygen is used as an electron acceptor. The organic matter absorbed by the cells provides them with the energy to survive and multiply. Simultaneously, the oxidation process develops without any support from microorganisms. All this is measured by the COD procedure, that is, the chemical oxygen demand.

Differences between a BOD incubator and a standard one

The incubator is based on the principle of thermoelectricity, where a thermal gradient is created by maintaining a constant temperature by the thermostat that the device has.

An incubator is a device that allows the incubation process to occur. She maintains all the optimal conditions for the growth of microbial and cell cultures.

In standard incubators the default temperature, 37 ยฐ C, is set while power is being supplied to the incubator circuit. This temperature is maintained by the compatibility operation of the main components; the temperature controller and the temperature sensor. In the pharmaceutical industry there are two types of incubators, the bacteriological incubator and the BOD incubator.

Therefore, the difference between an incubator and a BOD incubator is basically the temperature. As stated above, a standard incubator operates primarily at 37 ยฐ C and only has the option of heating. On the other hand, a BOD incubator has heating and cooling options and is primarily operated at lower temperatures, such as 10 ยฐ C. Another difference between an incubator and a BOD incubator is revealed through their working principles. For example, electricity is supplied through miniature circuit breakers before setting the temperature through an advanced PID temperature controller, mainly at 20 ยฐ C.

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