What is a micropipette? and its functions

Laboratory micropipettes are devices, ideal for liquid measurement needs that are carried out in these places, whether in clinical analysis, experiments or quality control tests. They are part of the laboratory instruments used to absorb and transfer small volumes of liquids.

Functions of a micropipette

  • It is an instrument used to collect samples in very small volumes, in the order of microliters.
  • Allows the handling of experimental samples and tests in the different areas in which they are used.
  • Allows the analysis of small portions of the sample and its proper distribution if several tests or examinations are to be carried out with it.

How does a micropipette work?

Liquids to be measured or transported are introduced into disposable plastic tips placed at the end of the micropipette shafts instead of the shafts themselves. They also have two main buttons which are the plunger button and the tip ejection button. By pressing the ejector button the micropipette immediately releases the disposable tip at the end of the equipment.

Most micropipette plungers stop at two different positions. Pressing the plunger of a micropipettor down to the second stop stop releases the volume of liquid that was drawn into the micropipettor at the first stop. The volume adjustment dial helps to ensure that a fairly accurate measurement is made, this device is used to adjust the volume of liquid entering the tip of the pipette.

How often should I check and calibrate my pipettes?

You should know that since it is a volumetric device, the micropipettes must be kept properly calibrated, so this process must be carried out regularly. The main factors that will determine the calibration time are:

  • Frequency of use.
  • Recommendations from the micropipette manufacturer.
  • Accuracy and precision required by the operation.
  • Nature of the liquid to operate.
  • Number of people who operate with the micropipette.
  • Number of dispensers.

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