What is forensic pathology?

Forensic pathology is a specialty that applies the methods, techniques and knowledge of pathological anatomy and cytopathology in the resolution of judicial or legal problems, carrying out the study of the cause and manner of death through a legal medical autopsy.

That is, it studies the cause and mechanism of deaths under judicial investigation, as well as the circumstances in which they occur. This specialty is present from the beginning of the autopsy, including a detailed external macroscopic examination of the internal organs until the study under a microscope of the samples collected from the tissues, including the cells deposited by the offender.

What is forensic pathology?

Forensic pathology consists of the body of medical and scientific knowledge that can be applied in the pathological processes of the death of a person, which will be related to the application of the law. It is therefore applicable to actions in support of the administration of justice, the police force and criminal investigation units.

It is considered a specialty that is responsible for analyzing, studying and demonstrating scientifically the causes that have caused a death and / or disease of an individual or group of them. The professional who practices this specialty must explain, logically and concatenated in time and space, the causes that he exposes, managing to determine the mechanism of death or the natural history of diseases.

What is a legal medical autopsy?

An autopsy is a set of operations performed on a corpse to investigate the cause of death. This technique aims to:

  • Determine the cause of death.
  • Establish the manner or form of death.
  • Help establish time of death.
  • Allow identification of bodies of unidentified persons.
  • Record injuries or their absence.
  • Document diseases associated with or contributing to the cause of death.
  • Collect physical or biological evidence.

Characteristics and equipment of forensic pathology

Forensic pathology is greatly assisted by the use of the microscope in its various modalities, such as stereoscopic microscopy, optical microscopy, polarized light microscopy, dark field microscopy, phase contrast microscopy and electron microscopy. All these modalities allow the forensic pathologist to carry out various techniques and procedures in order to obtain the truth of the events occurred.

The introduction of molecular biology and the accelerated knowledge of genetic and molecular bases, has allowed molecular pathology to become an indispensable tool in forensic medicine, because it assists in paternity tests and DNA typing in samples in order to identify the victim and the perpetrator.

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