What is the refractometer for in the food industry?

The refractometer is an instrument that measures the density of substances. Measures the level of refraction of a material medium based on the critical angle or the displacement measure of an image. It allows you to identify a substance, verify the degree of purity, analyze the percentage of solute dissolved in a certain solution and offers other qualitative analyzes.

ย Refractometers are used in the beer and wine industry to monitor fermentation. It is used to know the sugar content in the must, allowing grape growers to know effectively how much alcohol the wine will have; being that the more mature the grape is, the more sugar it contains. It is also used in the analysis of liquid products and in the control of operations during the processing of foods such as milk, sauces, juices, fruits, honey, jams, in confectionery and in the manufacture and refining of sugar.

Another important use of the refractometer in the food industry is its use to measure the salt content in food and in all kinds of solutions; determining it quickly and accurately.

The quality and intensity of the sweet taste of food depend on the molecular structure, temperature and pH. The refractometer is used to measure the content of sugars in food, and thus allows a stable and continuous control of the quality of food products.

Steps for using the refractometer

  • Firstly, the refractometer is calibrated with distilled water: a few drops of water are placed on the tray and it is closed. It is then viewed through the instrument and the calibration knob is turned until a reading of 1000 is obtained, which is the standard density of water.
  • The sample is taken, in this case must.
  • The sample is placed on the tray and the device is closed.
  • Then a line through which the light passes is observed through this, which corresponds to the gravity in the table.
  • After measurement, the sample is removed from the tray and allowed to dry.

For the use of a refractometer, only a small sample of the wort is needed, it is easy and fast to use. This equipment is made of a very strong and durable material.

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