How many types of laboratory ultrasonography freezers are there?

Ultra freezers are one of the main tools used in laboratories. The main function of this equipment is to protect biological samples by keeping them at very low temperatures. Its operating temperature can vary from -45 °C to -89 °C, although there are cryogenic models that reach -164 °C. so they provide a constant minimum temperature with an accuracy of degrees.

Therefore, they are considered essential equipment in the pharmaceutical or medical industry, in the field of life sciences, in the plastic industry, in the food sector or electronic components. There are a number of specific features that make the deep freezer a reliable and useful equipment for laboratory research.

What is deep-freezing?

Ultra-freezing is a process consisting of freezing in a very fast time (120 minutes maximum), at a very low temperature (usually less than -40 ºC), which allows to preserve the physical structure of the products to the maximum.

It is a technique that relies on abrupt cooling to quickly reach the temperature of maximum crystallization in a time not exceeding two hours. The process is completed after thermal stabilization of the product at -18 °C or lower has been achieved.

Types of ultra freezers

Since the main purpose of the ultrafeezers is to store very valuable biological samples, such as biobanks, they are laboratory equipment that must meet high safety and reliability requirements. It is also important that its properties include a fast cooling capacity and adequate temperature uniformity. Features, options and temperature ranges will vary depending on brands and models. We can find:

  • Horizontal Ultra Freezers.
  • Vertical Ultra Freezers.
  • Cryogenic ultra-freezers.
  • Portable freezers.

Features of ultra freezers

In ultra-freezers, cooling air is forced through a fan driven by an engine, and the expansion of cooling fluids occurs thanks to the presence of capillary tubes. Evaporation is carried out through steel plate heat exchangers inside the chamber or by means of a coil.

In horizontal ultra-freezers, the copper or copper-aluminum coil evaporator is located along the walls and bottom, while in vertical ultra-freezers it runs along the walls and on top. Whereas refrigerant fluids are selected from gaseous chemical compounds that are capable of being easily liquefied and I know that they are characterized by properties such as high critical temperature and low critical pressure, limited risk and toxicity.

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  • -86 series product internal and external temperature difference of up to 110°C, special polyurethane foam insulation layer to prevent cracks and deformations, 150mm insulation material thickness to ensure internal temperature stability
  • Two-machine cascade cooling system, 50% carbon dioxide coolant energy saving
  • When power is restored, the simultaneous start-up of all equipment will cause a large impact on the power grid, which can cause the circuit breaker to fire; the computer’s specially designed delayed start-up function may cause the equipment to
  • Interior door is removable for defrosting and cleaning easily

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