What are the characteristics of a laboratory refrigerator?

A laboratory refrigerator is equipment designed to maintain a controlled environment (refrigerated space), where fluids, substances, and reagents used in the laboratory can be stored and stored under appropriate conditions, because the lower the temperature, the less chemical and biological activity, and the less likely it is to deteriorate or decompose.

The basic function of a refrigerator is to be able to keep all the substances stored in it at a low temperature. This is possible, thanks to its constant cooling capacity, achieving the necessary temperatures so that the substances do not continue in their biological process and come to decompose. Refrigeration in the laboratory allows substances such as blood and blood products to be maintained in good condition because they may be needed for diagnosis.

Main characteristics of laboratory refrigerator

Laboratory refrigerators are designed and manufactured to meet much higher standards than those typically found in home or commercial refrigerators. Substances such as drugs, blood, and plasma, for example, should be stored within adjusted temperature ranges to avoid loss of potency or deterioration. It is of the utmost importance that laboratory personnel are properly aware of the components of a laboratory refrigerator. The main parts of the laboratory refrigerator include:

  • Storage cabinet: consists of the cabinet where the substances or samples are placed. In almost all laboratory refrigerator models, the storage cabinet is located under the evaporator. It is in this cabinet that substances and samples can be stored at โ€œspecialโ€ temperatures. Or different to the overall temperature of the refrigerator, and in turn this cabinet allows to place shelves to store such substances or samples.
  • Evaporator: refers to the heat exchanger device where the transfer of thermal energy from a medium to be cooled to the refrigerant fluid circulating inside the device occurs. The evaporator is located on top of the refrigerator cabinet (in some models it may vary). In order to determine whether the refrigerator is in use, the evaporator must be at a temperature below 0ยฐC, although it can reach temperatures from 5ยฐC to 30ยฐC.
  • Thermostat: is the device used to control the cooling system and the temperature of the refrigerator.

Other characteristics of laboratory refrigerators

Laboratory refrigerators typically operate at 2ยฐC to 10ยฐC and freezers at -10ยฐC to -25ยฐC, although there are model-based exceptions. Most current equipment is designed to display internal temperatures outside the unit. This means that technicians do not have to open the door (allowing room air in) to check and record the temperature.ย  Having an alarm system is an absolutely critical feature when storing valuable vaccines, pharmaceuticals and biological products, even the laboratory refrigerator can be equipped with optional digital alarms.

There are currently several models of refrigerators for laboratories and each of them are very important within the laboratory, because thanks to the use of these equipment it is possible to properly store substances such as reagents, and also biological substances. Since these substances are well preserved, the analyzes that need to be carried out with them will yield the expected results. Each laboratory has its own needs in terms of the size of the refrigerators, which will depend on the amount of storage it needs and how spacious the place where it will be installed. As a result, laboratory refrigerators of different sizes (from small to medium to large) have been designed.

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